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How Bobit helped this OFW build a P50,000 per month business

Case Study

Video #3 is now released..!

This is a “behind-the-scenes” look on how Bobit coaches his students so they achieve success fast. Most importantly, it’s a “tell-all” story.

Bobit doesn’t hold anything back. He even mentioned how Vero failed the first time he launched. (And why Vero was able to quickly bounce back even if an unexpected thing happened).

Now, that’s not the only thing you’ll discover:

You’ll also learn:

– How Vero used the 5-Step blueprint to win before even starting, find the perfect business idea, and finally generate P150,000 in 3 months…

– The different methods Vero used to validate his product idea and persuade customers to line up to buy his products… (even his product wasn’t even ready yet!)

– Why Vero failed and lost P10,000 in his first try (and how Bobit turned it around by using Step #4 in his business blueprint)…

– How to safely launch a new business and earn from it immediately…

– and so much more.

You can watch the third video here:

Case Study Access

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