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Building Wealth is a Marathon, not a Sprint.

Discipline is the key ingredient.

Hi, Welcome to my blog!


I've created this blog in order to inspire and help a lot of good people in their financial planning, whether you are just starting your life or paying off your home mortgage. This will help and encourage you to do the things you need to accomplish.


When I was younger I had my ups and downs with money. I always saved money but I lost discipline along the way and spent a lot on gadgets, eating out, vacations, etc.... that's how I used up all my hard earned money quickly. I really didn't know how to handle money back then. Until the time came that we were buried in debt and felt stuck in every situation. But through God's grace, we found a proven plan which taught us how to live on less than we make, properly set up a budget and finally helped us to become debt free.


This plan was created by an author, businessman, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker in America named Dave Ramsey. He teaches money management and good stewardship thru the lens of the Bible. He called it "The 7 Baby Steps". These steps helped me create a financial plan for me and my family.


If you follow his plan, you will learn how to handle your finances properly, set up an emergency fund, pay off your debts, invest in mutual funds, plan for retirement, save for your kid's college and many more. To know more about him, check out his website by following this link:

If this blog has inspired you, please feel free to share, comment and subscribe, so we can also inspire more people to gain financial literacy and independence. Thank you.

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